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FPR utility pole, FRP power transmission pole

FPR fiberglass utility pole / FRP Fiberglass electricity power transmission pole

FX FRP poles are made of fiberglass reinforced ploy- urathane, the weight of FX frp polle is 1/8 of cement pole and the life can be more than 30 years.  It's ideal to be used in mountain area, seaside area, and so on...

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FPR utility pole / FRP Fiberglass electricity power transmission pole


1. Fiberglass power transmission pole has a higher strength/weight ratio than steel, wood or Alumnium.

2. Durability - Compare with wood pole, cement pole and steel pole, FRP electricity 

transmission pole are more durable since it has better performance under corrosion, acid and aging. 

3. Insulation - FRP fiberglass composite material have good insulating performance. 

4. Maintenance - Much less cost and labor in maintenance.

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