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FRP platform insulation mini scaffolding, fiberglass platform

FRP fiberglass platform insulation mini scaffolding's are ideal for:

Painting works
Electrical works (installation & maintainance)
Ceiling works
Corrosive environments
Building/facilities maintenance
Schools/ hospitals/ institutions
Aircraft manufacturing/maintenance
Lightweight portable replacement for aluminum or steel platforms.



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FRP fiberglass platform insulation mini scaffolding

FRP fiberglass platform insulation mini scaffolding have been tested to withstand contact with up to 220kV. These scaffolds are ideal for working in the proximity of electrical apparatus.

1. Insulation performance:

   Tested at 220kV in a distance of 1.8m, 1 minute, no flash over, no visible damage, no temperature increase.

2. Mechenical performance:

    Loading: 220kg


  FRP fiberglass platform insulation mini scaffolding's are ideal for:

  Painting works
  Electrical works(installation & maintainance)
  Ceiling works
  Corrosive environments
  Building/facilities maintenance
  Aircraft manufacturing/maintenance
  Lightweight portable replacement for aluminum or steel


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