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Fiberglass scissor lift type insulation platform

 FRP fiberglass scissor insulation lifting platform


 Material of scissor lift: fiberglass

 Application: Hot line working or non hot line working for electricity operation.

 Max hight: 9m

 Max operation hight: 10.5m

 Control method: wireless remote control

 Lifting method: Hydraulic


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Remote control all-terrain FRP fiberglass scissor insulation lifting platform

FX Remote control all-terrain FRP fiberglass scissor lifting platform is ideal for maintenance and installation in elctricity industry.

The material of FRP fiberglass scissor lifting platform is fiberglass reinforced plastic(FRP). Fiberglass has good performance in insulation and has higher strength-
to weight ratio than steel, wood or concrete and weights is approximately 60% of steel.

FRP cross lifting platform have been tested to withstand contact with up to 220kV. These FRP fiberglass scissor lifting platform are ideal for working in the
proximity of electrical apparatus.

Insulation performance:

Tested at 220kV in a distance of 1.8m, 1 minute as per EN60855 & EN61235, no flash over, no visible damage, no temperature increase.

About the chassis:

  1- Tracked design, more stable work in rough field.
  2- Powered by battery or wire cable.
  3- Remote controlled, easy operation.
  4- With extendable supporting legs.

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