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FRP Fiberglass Single Straight Ladder

  1. Full FRP design. Minimized metal parts were used in our FRP ladder. 

  2. High quality fiberglass and resin.

  3. Box and pin locking structure.

  4. Light weight with high strength. 

  5. Good insulation performance.

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Features of FRP Fiberglass Single Straight Ladder




Insulation is considered in the designing of FRP single straight ladder, except for screws and rivets, minimal metal components were used in our ladder. The rails and rungs are all use fiberglass material. The FRP single straight ladder, can be used safely in maintenance of equipment in power stations or other electricity working field.




FRP box rail and rung provide light weight and high strength, so it's strong while remaining light and portable.



The FRP single straight ladder gives you the protection against electrical hazard. It can be safely used in maintenance of equipment in power industry, ideal for utility and telecommunication industries.


Red rung design


 Red rung remind you all the time do not exceed this step when climbing. 

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