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ISO standard for fiber reinforced plastics framework start drafting in Kunming

ISO standard for fiber reinforced plastics- a small modular framework – materials, dimensions, design loads, performance requirements and test methods start drafting in Kunming at year 2020

This standard proposes a small framework made of fiber reinforced plastics. The framework is modular design with a series of standard prefabricated elements. Quick on-site installation without tools is the characteristic of the framework. The framework possesses double functions — ascending protection and electrostatic protection.

The framework is designed for the places where there are surrounding fragile objects, e.g. glass facades, heritage buildings, malls and aircrafts. And It's also designed for the places where there have potential induced electricity and spark, e.g. flammable and explosive places, electrified railways and substation.

As one of the main FRP insulation ladder and scaffolding manufacturer in the world, KMFX attend the drafting work of this ISO standard.

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